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Stanley's Story

We met Stanley in April, 2016.  He hobbled into the clinic using crutches that were worn and not his size, although they were essential for him to walk on his own.  He came into the clinic with his parents and his brother to see Dr. Etienne.  Stanley is 17 years old, yet he appears to be the size of a 10 year old.  The normal growth of his legs has been altered by a condition we know as "knock knees", formally called Genu Valgum.  Dr. Etienne first fixed the worn out crutches to better fit our new patient and discussed surgical options with his parents.


In October of 2016, Dr. Etienne was able to obtain the needed OR equipment to perform surgical repair of Stanley's condition so that he could walk without crutches.  Due to the severity of this procedure, Dr. Etienne chose to do Stanley's "osteotomy" procedure to straighten each leg on separate days.  We give God praise for two successful surgeries - 4 days apart for our buddy, Stanley.  


In January of 2017, Stanley came back to visit his old friends for a check up.  Shouts of joy and applause arose throughout the clinic as Stanley walked into the clinic of his own accord.  No crutches!  He occasionally uses the crutches if he is walking longer distances, yet overall, he is independent.  His smile and hugs to our recurrent team members said more than any words could.  We continue to pray for Stanley as he begins life anew, thankful for the care he received at The MIVO Orthopedique Centre.  

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