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MIVO is always in need of volunteers, both medical and non-medical.  Will you consider joining us on an upcoming trip to help minister to a Haitian in need or assisting us with state side activities such as fundraisers or packing trailers for shipment to Haiti?

MIVO is always in need of supplies, medications and other items. This list also includes our most urgently needed volunteers for upcoming trips. Please see our Urgent Needs List to see how you can help!  There is also a printable PDF available for your convenience.


Many people ask if we have any specific prayers requests.  MIVO foundation would like to share the following prayer requests:

  • Pray for God's continued provision of volunteers: medical and non-medical to help on future trips.  We are in special need of additional surgeons as the surgical needs are rising!

  • Pray for our safety as we travel

  • Pray for God to bless our supporting donors and churches

  • Hearken to the hearts of others to donate toward our generator drive as there are those waiting for life-altering surgery.  

  • Pray that the much-needed supplies will be provided and that they find their way safely and in one piece to the clinic.

  • Pray that God will bless the clinic nurses and staff and that all may grow in the love of Jesus.

  • Please join MIVO in praising God for 2018 - a year of countless blessings and growth for The MIVO Foundation and our clinic!

  • May the Lord provide a safe and direct path for our trailer of much needed supplies to arrive safely to the MIVO Clinic by April 19th for the arriving mission team.

  • Asking God for His provision and sustenance for our existence as a foundation, upcoming mission teams and Haitian staff at the clinic.  Stir the hearts of those whom our Lord were to choose to help us near and far!   

  • May we as a foundation hear and obey the Holy Spirit's guidance in each and every thing we do in 2019.   

Join us in thanksgiving as we give God all the glory for everything we have been able to accomplish thus far in Haiti and in these months, and years to come!

Join our Intercessory  Prayer Group

If you are interested in becoming a member of our "Intercessory Home Team" who receive prayer requests from the U.S. teams when they are in Haiti, just email us at  These prayer requests are sent via a Whats App group and are to be kept confidential to the members of this group. Thank you! 

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