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A Story of Healing

My Experience of Healing from Diabetes


I suspected I had some symptoms, which inspired me to go to the ER. There, I consented to being tested. The results of the tests showed that I indeed had diabetes. I was immediately transferred to the ICU and put on Insulin drip. At discharge the physician urged me to continue taking insulin by injection at home four (4) times a day and to consult Endocrinology and Diabetic Education and Nutrition. I shortly consulted with Endocrinology,who explained that the Beta cells in my pancreas were damaged/destroyed and could not produce any insulin. Consequently, my body will need insulin from an external source for the rest of my life. He maintained that it can be Autoimmune induced diabetes, which is usually a Type I and sent me for blood work to identify/confirm the origin of the disease. 

While in the car on our way home my concerned husband said: “ If I were you, I would have had a special conversation with God about this because this lifetime insulin injection is unacceptable.” Little did he know I was already in constant communication with God about that. Before administering my first injection at home, I remember lifting the insulin pen and needle in the air and declaring:  "God, I cannot and will not do this for long because this is not my idea of living when I have a God as powerful and faithful as you are. Please act in the name of Jesus.”   I chose to comply with the prescribed treatment and diet while praying wholeheartedly to God. I noticed that my blood sugar was getting constantly lower.   I continued to decrease the insulin to the most minuscule dose until I could stop taking the insulin completely.


At my second appointment with Endo, the physician told me that all my test results were normal; the Beta cells were restored/regenerated; and the body started producing its own insulin. He also added:  "You do not need me anymore. If you have a question, just call me."  God healed me. I have not taken any insulin/medications for over 1 month. Hallelujah! To God be the glory!


The Lord has continuously blessed our family and met our needs. He is truly our Protector, Provider, Mighty Healer, and the Great Living God. Because of his provisions and goodness, we have been greatly encouraged to serve Him. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Ps.34:8) 

              - Written by a MIVO Family Member

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