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We, at The MIVO Foundation, are in the process of preparing for greater things.  Everyone reading this newsletter holds an invitation to become more involved with us as we grow. Although there are unknowns, we do know the One Who holds our future.  In that knowledge and by faith, we are requesting a "call to action"! Would you please consider this call?


Become a Stateside Volunteer  

Simply complete a registration form on our website and someone will be back in touch with you regarding present opportunities.

Give the gift of Prayer for the people of Haiti and for MIVO….Refer your church to our Prayer Subcommittee.  There is power in unified prayer!  Send your preferred contact information or referral to  An Executive Committee member will reply with prayer points and next steps.

Offer your tax-deductible Financial Support via PayPal on or checks can be mailed to: 

                     MIVO Foundation @ 1441 South Duke St., York, PA, 17403.   

Share your personal MIVO story to inspire and encourage others in future MIVO publications or in our upcoming testimonial section of the website.  Offer to be our guest at one of MIVO's monthly meetings. Send story or inquiry to

Join us in Praising God for His faithfulness to sustain and restore.  God is always up to something good!  Haitian Leadership for our Clinic is being established to direct this next phase of ortho patient care delivery!   MIVO's Partnership base in the US and in Haiti is growing!  Our fundraisers have been successful!  We extend our deepest gratitude! 


There is no donation offered too small, no prayer presented to our Father unheard, no amount of time spent not appreciated.  Thank you again to each and every one of you.  May this season of HOPE continue on in your hearts and in your families.  

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