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Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What medical professions are needed?

    • A: ​All medical professionals are welcome to apply.  Depending on your education and experience your skills will be used to form a unique team brought together by God's provision.  

    • For more information: Email:

    • To apply for an upcoming trip please follow the link to fill out the volunteer form: Click here

  • Can non-medical volunteers serve in Haiti?

    • A: Yes!  Non-Medical volunteers can be trained to assist in various areas in the clinic​. This may include anything from assisting in the warehouse to helping the pharmacy staff, to watching the children as their parents are being examined. 

  • How do we register for an upcoming trip?

    • A: Fill out the volunteer registration form found by following the link CLICK HERE.  (Please note: $200 initial deposit holds a team member slot on a specific trip date along with completion of the Volunteer Registration Form)

  • Once I register and pay the $200.00 registration fee, what are my next steps?

    • A: The volunteer form will redirect you through some necessary paperwork.  After that is complete you will be redirected to the PREPARING page. The TEAM MEMBER CHECKLIST is the first document and will help guide you on what do next.  Also, please sign-up for our member's area as this will have additional information specific to your trip.

  • Does MIVO use translators in Haiti or do the people speak English?

    • A: The spoken language in Haiti is Creole and yes, MIVO uses trained medical translators with each team.  Although, it is extremely appreciated when team members know a few Creole salutations prior to coming to the country. "Bon Jour!"

  • Are there opportunities to serve in the U.S.?

    • A:  Yes! There are many opportunities to serve in the U.S. such as helping load supply trailers when necessary, two yearly fundraisers, collecting supplies and much  more!​​

  • What is the trip like?

    • Each trip last nine days total. There is a day for travel at the beginning and the end. Once at the clinic, each team spends six days working in the clinic, and one day of rest in the middle of the trip.

  • What is the cost of the trip?

    • A: Currently, the cost of the trip is $1,250. ($1,400 in July due to airfare)​ Effective October 2018 cost of the trip is $1,500. Please reference the UPCOMING TRIPS page for payment details.


  • What are ways to give?

    • A: See our WAYS TO GIVE page for the most up to date needs and details.

  • Is it safe to Donate online?

    • A: Yes! Since we process our donations through a secure site your transactions are safe.  If you would like more information please see PayPal's security information  (CLICK HERE)

  • Does MIVO accept checks?

    • A: Yes!  It is possible to Donate to the MIVO Foundation by mailing the check or money order to the address in the footer.​

  • Are donations tax deductible to the MIVO Foundation?

    • A: Yes. We are listed as a 501 (c) (3) as Mivo charitable foundation- PC- public charity (see here).   You may also search for our current status by searching Here. Please check with your certified public accountant (CPA) for what this means to you.  

  • What items can be donated?

    • A: For the most urgently needed supplies/equipment and other current needs please go to the URGENT NEEDS page. This is by no means an all inclusive list. Every item used in Haiti has been received either through direct donation or through donated funds. If you are not sure if a particular item can be used please email:

  • How can we donate items?

    •  A: Please contact​ if you have donations which need to be picked up or if you would like to learn of drop off options.  Feel free to mail smaller items to MIVO's address listed on the footer below.


  • Is MIVO a Christian medical mission charity?

  • Do I need to be a Christian to volunteer?

    • A: You do not need to be a Christian to volunteer. However, MIVO is a Christian organization and we ask that volunteers know and adhere to the mission and vision of MIVO while working as representatives of this organization. 

  • Do you have a list of prayer requests?

    • A: Yes. Please go to HERE for the current prayer request list​. Additionally, prayers are greatly appreciated while we have teams in Haiti. The current trips are in January, April, July, and October. 

  • How did the MIVO Charitable Foundation get its name?

    • A: MIVO stands for voluntary missions. For a background on the making of this Foundation please see the OUR HISTORY page.

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