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Volunteer Opportunities

Who can help?

Surgery example from Haiti
Lawrence in pharmacy

If you are a medical professional, you are a vital part of all of our mission teams.  Depending on your education and experience your skills will be used to form a unique team. The following are just some of the medical professionals that can be of assistance at the MIVO Clinic.

  • Doctors

  • Anesthesia Professionals

  • Nurse Practitioners / Physician Assistants

  • Nurses: including pre & post op, OR, and general med surg / ortho

  • Medical Assistants / EMTs

  • Surgical, Sterile Processing and Pharmacy Technicians

  • Physical Therapists / Occupational Therapists

  • Orthotists / Prosthetist

  • Students aiming for career in the medical field

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have a different background.​

Non-Medical Volunteers

Non-medical volunteers will be trained to assist in various areas in the clinic.  Some of these areas include:

  • Warehouse

  • Pharmacy

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Clinic organization


Stateside Volunteers Trailer June 2018.j

We are growing and we will need all trade specialists to help organize and keep the clinic running.

Including: Biomedical Engineers or Technicians

Click the above text to become a stateside volunteer! Fill it form to show interest in helping with fundraising activities, packing supplies and more...

Volunteer Registration
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