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Be The Bridge Campaign

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MIVO's "Be the Bridge" campaign begins as a simple plea for help.  Let us explain:


MIVO must bring into Haiti each and practically every item which is needed for our patients in L'Estere.  As surreal as it may sound, one cannot simply visit the local medical supplier and purchase crutches to use for a broken leg, or a walker for Mom who has just had a stroke and cannot walk without assistance. The cost to ship trailers with supplies has significantly risen in these past years.  Plus, our mission teams continue to see a greater volume of patients, of whom have greater needs with each passing trip.  Hence the growing need for supplies.


Thanks be to God and many contributors, we have trailers packed and ready to be shipped from York, PA, to New York to be placed on a barge headed for Saint Marc, Haiti. Custom fees are then needed to be paid, and subsequently, a driver is paid to haul trailers to the clinic, where mission teams offload them, sort them, and organize them in our warehouse.  All this costs...........are you ready????.......about $15,000 US dollars per trailer.  


"Be the Bridge" was created to help first, raise awareness of the supply transport issues.  Once information is provided, we hope and pray that there are those out there whose hearts and minds realize the significance of having the appropriate supplies and equipment available to do what we do.  Would you please consider being a "builder" of this bridge through your donation allotted to this special project.  There is a world of difference between here and there.  Yet, you can truly help bridge the gap, bringing hope and healing to those in dire need.  


Our sincerest thanks,

The MIVO Foundation     


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