Volunteers and Sponsors

  • All stateside volunteers are needed so come and join us!  Opportunities continue to grow, including sorting supplies, loading trailers and helping with fundraisers.  Please email info@mivofoundation.org to learn more.

April 2021

July 2021

October 2021

January 2022

Urgently Needed Supplies/Medications

  • Warehouse space in the vicinity of York, PA to sort and store donated supplies

  • Casting materials including: cotton undercast padding (Webril), Fiberglass

  • Orthopedic Operating Room power drills, saws, and a bipolar pedal for a Bovie

  • Durable Medical Equipment - pediatric size walkers, wheelchairs, and crutches, crutch tips

  • Ace wraps of all sizes

  • Autoclaves and alternative sterilization systems for OR equipment

  • Massage / exercise creams

  • Sterile gauzes / dressings - all sizes

  • Sterile OR Drapes / gowns

  • Needles - 23 gauge, 1.5 inches or similar

  • Over the Counter Pain Medications - Aleve, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen

Please email MIVO at info@mivofoundation.org

if you have donations which need to be picked up or if you would like to learn of drop off options.  Feel free to mail smaller items to MIVO's address listed on the footer below.

Download a printable copy of the operational needs in PDF format


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