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Stateside News

"Yesterday, I witnessed a miracle by a determined group of volunteers that are truly HARD WORKERS. They reminded me of a movie called the WAR HORSE by Steven Spielberg. Unbelievable individuals that worked until the task at hand was completed.

Brief review: (9:30AM) We started off loading 20-25 church pews from the 1st full trailer. We disassembled all the pews by 11AM. We backed the 2 trailers together and started to remove the partially disassembled church pews from the 45' trailer unto the 40' trailer. We removed a total of 24-26 donated church pews and parts and still had room on the 40' trailer when the task was completed at 1:00PM. Just AMAZING."


All of us at MIVO stand together in faith and in prayer for the full restoration of Haiti. We thank God in advance for the eventual day when these church pews will be once again filled with people praising and worshiping God for all He has done!           -Mary, MIVO's Stateside Coordinator.

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