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MIVO Spotlight:


2010 Earthquake Survivor

This incredible young Haitian girl, having survived the traumatic amputation of the lower portion of her leg in the earthquake of 2010, has become a walking testimony to God's faithfulness in our lives.  She first hopped into the clinic with assistance from her family members in January of 2016. 

Prior to her leaving that day in January, the team's social worker, Crystal, made sure Gadjenie was fitted and instructed on the use of crutches.  This new found level of independence brought great smiles of appreciation from her.  


The development of what would be a simple "fit" for a prosthesis in the states, turned into a challenge given to our MIVO Physician Assistant, Steve.  On the July, 2016 trip, the "telescoping" prosthesis was introduced to Gadjenie.  The length of the actual prosthetic needed to be adjustable as this young girl continues to grow. 


In October, Gadjenie returned once again, all have a revision of her stump done surgically by Dr. Triantafyllou, of OSS Health.  Gadjenie's original surgery, performed elsewhere shortly after the traumatic amputation, did not leave enough "padding" at the bottom of her stump to comfortably allow her new prosthesis to be used in order to walk on her own.


The OR staff and recovery room staff fell in love with Gadjenie, a true example of the resiliency we so often encounter in the Haitian people.  


In January of this year, sweet Gadjenie, once again returned for yet another mold to be completed of her revised stump so that her prosthesis could be a perfect fit.  


Alas, in April of 2017, Gadjenie was able to leave the clinic walking on her new prosthetic leg.  Five MIVO teams later, her dreams came true.  No hopping!  No crutches! She walked on her own with her new prosthesis, instructed by Julia, a prosthetic specialist who God had arranged to be on this specific team to add the final touches to this 15-month long process.  MIVO praises a God who was in charge of all the details, using His sons and daughters to help Gadjenie walk again.  What a privilege it is to share the love of God in ways such as this!  


January 2016

Dr. Sicuranza making a mold of her stump to take back to the states to make her eventual prosthetic leg

Giving a helping hand.

Dr. S. Just finished the mold, leaving it on to dry.  She had not had a surgery with MIVO yet at this point

Leaving the MIVO Orthopedic Centre with radiant smiles and a new pair of crutches 

October 2016

Post 2nd surgery (1st surgery with MIVO) 

 with nursing team

Post 2nd surgery (1st surgery with MIVO)

with Surgeon

A little silliness

Hanging with team member

April 2017

Love my new leg!