Post-Earthquake Update

Haiti update:  August 2021

As you have heard, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the southern peninsula of Haiti on August 14, 2021 at 8:29 am.  Since that time many of MIVO's friends and supporters have reached out asking about our Haitian clinic and our family, friends and staff there in L'Estere.  Thank you for the concern and for your prayers of protection.


Below is a mapquest screenshot of the distance between the two areas:  approximately 196 miles road travel between L'Estere and Les Cayes, Haiti, taking over 6.5 hours on a good day.  We have been informed that the earthquake was felt in L'Estere, on a much smaller scale.  Everyone at the clinic and surrounding areas are doing okay despite some major drenching by Hurricane Grace.  

Mapquest Haiti image_edited.jpg

The infrastructure of Haiti remains non-existent at this time as mentioned by Dr. Etienne in the former flash news.  Roads are now covered with debris in the earthquake areas and washed out from the storm.  We, at MIVO, thank God for the covering of safety and ability to continue to open the clinic, although presently mainly for local populations.  


We will soon have the skid of critical supplies at the clinic which was successfully transported from Florida to Port-au-Prince in June by Food for the Poor.  We are moving forward with our plans for a potential October mission trip.  


In the interim, we are receiving many calls from earthquake victims / families.  However, the lack of feasible transportation is hindering the clinic's valiant efforts to provide care to that population.  We are exploring ways to transport potential ortho patients via air travel to the clinic site or by ground transportation when possible.  "Please, continue to pray for open doors and open ears for this request!"  


We believe we are stronger together and the God we serve can move mountains. Our Bless Home Base campaign via our general donations capability on this website or through our public Facebook page remains in need of your financial contributions.  Those of you who know Dr. Etienne personally and who follow our humble organization are aware that we are a volunteer non-profit.  Every dollar shared impacts Haitian people for the good.  There is no middle man, no percentage for processing, no unexpected "cleaning fees", and no risk of your funds not being used for those in dire need of orthopedic care.  Also, every prayer is heard by our Lord.  We do not doubt and we won't give up!  We have indeed learned lessons of perseverance and of amazing fortitude from the examples set by our Haitian brothers and sisters.  


His banner over the Haitian people is LOVE! 


Warmest regards, 

Loretta Speicher, RN

Coordinator for The MIVO Foundation