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MIVO Spotlight:

Kodu's Story

Kodupic6 crutches_edited.jpg

October 2018

Although many patients cared for at the MIVO Clinic stand out in our minds as stars, one individual shines a bit brighter in the memories of our recent October team.

It was at sunset on Thursday evening at the clinic.  Teammates were preparing to return to the residence from the clinic after a long day's work.  An SUV arrived with a passenger in the back of the vehicle.  He had  just been in an accident in L'Estere.  A good samaratin had come upon the accident and brought the gentleman to our side porch.  Volunteers donned their protection wear and went out to the vehicle where they found this middle age man, in blood soaked clothes, awake yet in visible pain.  His right leg was mangled and visibly severely broken.  The team promptly came back inside to prepare the OR.  Without surgery, this man would surely perish either due to blood loss or infection.  Anesthesia quickly administered him some sedation and the team went about preparing the patient for surgery.  Dr. Etienne spoke to the patient, sadly sharing the reality that he was going to lose his leg.  He needed an above the knee amputation as his leg was badly broken in 3 places.  The man quietly nodded consent to this life-changing surgery.  


As the preparation for surgery continued, we worked to put the pieces of this man's story together.  He was able to share that his name was "Kodu".  He was riding as a passenger, traveling to purchase rice for his family who lived in Lascahobas, approximately 75  miles away., when the car he was riding in was struck on his side by a large truck.  The truck driver proceeded to run away from the scene.  The driver of the car also abandoned the accident site and took Kodu's phone.  The team searched his clothes for evidence of a family member's contact information.  No such information could be found. 

KoduPic3 Surgery.jpeg

As 5 team members were integrally involved in the actual surgery, the remainder of the team returned to the residence.  Fervent prayers were said, praising God that we were available to help this man.  We asked that God would be in charge of every detail in the OR.  Our intercessory prayer partners in the states were also alerted to this most recent prayer need.  May Kodu remain stable through this extensive surgery and may the rest of his systems remain in good working order despite this horrific accident.


Approximately 3 hours later, the surgery was successfully completed under spinal anesthesia and some light IV sedation.  Kodu, visibly upset as he mentally attempted to wrap his brain around this loss, continued to grab our hands, thanking us repeatedly.   There was no way to contact his family presently....his wife and 3 children.  It would need to wait until the morning.


The dawn of a new day of life for Kodu began.  Manotte Etienne had gone over before dawn and checked on Kodu, giving pain medication and helping him to reposition.  He was doing well.


As each clinic day begins, the patients and team gathered to give God praise through song and prayer.  The PACU team had just gotten Kodu up to a recliner and rolled him out to the main waiting area where he could join in with the rest of our patients.  It was mere minutes before he engaged in the singing, hands held high, giving God glory for his life spared.   Team members stood in awe of this man's courage and faith.  

Kodupic6 crutches_edited.jpg

Our physical therapist instructed Kodu on walking with crutches


By late morning, Kodu was ready to return home to his family.  Although his future held many uncertainties, Kodu clearly knew where it was his Help came from.  He continued to rejoice even as he walked outside.  The entire team gathered round to send him off.  We were so thankful when Manotte shared that he had called her, letting him know he had arrived home safely.  

Please partner with us at MIVO in praying for Kodu and his family.  We trust that God will continue to have favor upon him as he begins life anew.  We will update this site when we here from him again.  

"Light shines on the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.  Rejoice in the Lord, you who are righteous and praise his holy name!"  Psalm 97:11-12

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