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2018 Medical Mission Trips

October 2018 Trip

During the Saturday evening ,debriefing meeting held by the October medical team at the clinic, the word "synergy" came up twice describing our first day of clinic operation  Even though this team of 15 medical and non-medical personnel had only known each other for less than 48 hours, there was a way about this team that was surreal in function and in their unity.  Synergy is defined by, " the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately.  Team work at its best results in synergy."  And so God used this team to touch over 550 patients and their families over this last trip to the orthopedic clinic.  Dr. Etienne and his entourage of surgical assistants performed over 49 surgeries and procedures. 

Two total hip replacements and one total knee replacement were completed under spinal anesthesia.  All patients went home the evening of their surgery.  Our one overnight guest was from out of town.  See Kodu's remarkable story on our home page.   

Senior medical students , nurses and PA's served as  examiners to hundreds of those seeking help after injuries or those dealing with the effects of aging in such a harsh environment as Haiti.  There is not routinely any such thing as retirement for the rice farmers or market ladies in this area.  

Our orthotist serial casted several children and infants with clubfeet as she made braces for others to be adjusted by their parents.  MIVO's Haitian nursing staff were taught the details of serial casting to continue care of this patient group after our team's departure.

The clinic continued with more than adequate electrical power from the new 60kw generator which Dr. E. had installed.  This single item is the culmination of hours of prayer and negotiation, not to mention an impossibility without the donations of thousands of dollars by those who support God's cause in L'Estere through the foundation.

The team enjoyed trips to the local village and a hike up to the nearby historic fort.  God was on the move through and in these individuals.  His power of transformation is a gift often received when serving at the clinic.  One cannot help but be impacted by the patience, kindness and graciousness of the patients we serve.  Once again, it was a privilege to serve those in need in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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