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Most Recent Mission Trip

January 2019 Trip

Praise God for bringing this team together and the work accomplished during our trip to Haiti.


There are no words to share about the January team’s dedication to use the medical knowledge they brought to Haiti, love for each other, love for the Haitian people and spiritual growth.

God laid on my heart this theme song a few weeks prior to the trip. As always God knows each and every person He handpicked to be on this team. I heard people humming in the clinic all day ☺


Anytime a heart turns from darkness to light
Anytime temptation comes and someone stands to fight
Anytime somebody lives to serve and not be served

I know, I know, I know, I know
God is on the move, on the move
God is on the move
In many mighty ways
God is on the move, on the move
God is on the move
On the move today


God was surely on the move this week; we saw 629 patients and performed 66 procedures/surgeries during our six days of work. This entire team was touched by many different patients and circumstances but one that impacted the majority of us.

Christopher is a 4 year old who had an un-witnessed fall 15 days prior and could no longer walk.

After examination it was determined that he had a spinal cord injury and there was nothing we could do for him but pray (which we did with lots of tears). Then God said to some of the team members, we can make it easier for grandma if she doesn’t have to carry him all day long. Pediatric wheelchairs or strollers are not available in Haiti, so our team made a “stroller/wheelchair” out of a walker, cushions off of chairs and safety belts made out of whatever we could find, to make it safe. Visit our website to see pictures of how God made something out of nothing so this little boy and grandma could live more comfortably. You can’t visualize how watching a group of people working so diligently and hearing God call them to this work. How blessed the MIVO foundation is to have God call such amazing people.


Pastor Paul started every morning with devotions talking about God stretching His hand out to us when we ask( out of our comfort zones), that the Lord is always with us always, thanks be to God for leading us back again and again and we can start a new every day. Sunday morning was “church on the porch” led by Pastor Paul with His sunrise while singing praises and learning how faithful our God is. We also celebrated Dr Etienne’s birthday giving thanks to God for His work being done through this amazing child of God.

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