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2016 Medical Mission Trips

July Trip

The team arrived safely in Haiti on Friday, July 22nd.  “God is on the move” was the theme for this trip.  During the week, the team saw over 667 patients and performed 20 surgeries.  The team also did small office procedures including casts, aspirations, injections, wound irrigation and debridement.  There is a need for the ability to administer anesthesia so that more complicated patients can be helped.


The team was touched by the way the people of Haiti reflect God’s love in spite of their dire needs.  A fond memory is a 99 year old, agile gentleman who “skipped away” after receiving two knee injections.  The team also helped a beautiful 2-year-old girl.  They did a bilateral Achilles’ tendon release and she didn’t shed a tear.  There was also a motorcycle accident with two severely injured patients that the team helped. 


Mission, Ministry, Morality, Maturity and Modesty were the pillars of the generations on this Haiti team.  Many of the volunteers were really touched by God during this week. They were blessed by God’s faithfulness and boldly embraced their role and mission in God’s Kingdom. 

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