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2017 Medical Mission Trips

January Trip

Each individual of the January mission trip had something unique they brought to the table. From the operating room, to the recovery room, to the exam rooms, to the pharmacy and out onto the porches, God had equipped this team mightily for success! We united together to care for over 500 patients. One hundred new patients were registered at the clinic for future care. We completed 30 surgeries and several other small procedures. Dr. Etienne was thankful to be able to spend more time in the clinic seeing patients while Dr. Caruthers and Austin, an orthopaedic Physician Assistant performed most of the surgical cases. Dr. Schmitz, anesthesiologist, resurrected an old ultrasound machine in the warehouse! Using the ultrasound machine, he was able to perform nerve blocks on surgical limbs pre- and post- operatively to control the pain of surgery. As team leaders of this group, we are so thankful that each of the team members had such a heart that was ready and willing to serve. Devotions, prayer, and taking a deeper look into the incredible Haitian culture and how it differs from our American culture were integral components of this team’s experiences. God was on the move as we brought some of our patients to the Lord and prayed with other patients that we, as medical personnel, were unable to help. Yet, all the while, we realized the power of the Great Physician and the hope that is offered through the love of Jesus shared by this God-designed team. 

MIVO Stories: 

Stanley, the teen who had the double surgery on his legs last October walked into the clinic of his own accord with a smile the width of the clinic! What joy to our hearts! 

One lady asked for bilateral shoulder injections as due to years of hard work and arthritis in both shoulders, she was not able to “raise her arms in praise to God” any longer in church.. She was shouting “Hallelujah’s” after her injections with both arms in the air! 

Six hours! The examiner had to ask the interpreter twice. The patient had traveled six hours by motorcycle from the mountains. Then, he waited four hours to see the provider. At 76, he had bilateral knee arthritis. As the examiner gave him knee injections, tears rolled down the elderly man’s dust-stained face. Through the interpreter, the team member asked if it hurt. The gentleman kindly said, “No.” He was simply thankful. At that statement, tears fell from both patient and team member as both prayed thanks be to God! 

MIVO Firsts: 

This was the first time a MIVO team had an anesthesiologist on board. We were able to operate on high acuity cases with the use of spinal anesthesia and nerve blocks. Eric, our anesthesia assistant was there to monitor the patients in the OR as Dr. Schmitz offered patients with chronic, spine arthritis the first epidural steroid injections for extended pain relief. 

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