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2016 Medical Mission Trips

January Trip

The team on the January mission trip to Haiti saw approximately 400 patients.  13 surgeries were performed.  The team had 3 stations with nurses and translators at each station and the doctors rotated between stations.  They had a runner from the stations to the pharmacy for the medications.   

One of our most heartwarming stories from the January trip was of a little girl (5 years old) whose leg was injured in a motorcycle accident and casted for a few months.  Her parents were told not to let her walk on it so they carried her everywhere.  She came to the MIVO clinic after the cast had been removed with an updated x-ray.  Dr. Sicuranza reviewed the x-ray and had the interpreter tell the family she could walk on it now that it was healed.  


The little girl was very afraid to walk but we helped and supported her to take those first few steps and then she took off!  Praise the Lord with no limp or deficit that we could tell!  The family was so grateful for our love and patience.  This little girl probably thought she could never walk again but by God's grace, she will be able to resume all activities.

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