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COVID Preparation Guidelines


As always, we are looking toward the next mission trip to the Haitian clinic.  We are humbled by all who stand ready and waiting to return to The MIVO Orthopedique Centre in L'Estere.   The clinic remains open at this time and our stateside volunteers continue to gather, sort and pack supplies in order to ship them to the centre for patient care and in  preparation for our next mission team.


Please review the information below to become familiar with MIVO's efforts to provide safety and protection for all volunteers and staff as we serve.  COVID testing will be required as declared by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of State as noted in the links below for every mission team member.  Team members are asked to practice every precaution as recommended by the CDC for two weeks prior to trip departure.


As of March, 2021:,to%20the%20United%20States.


The MIVO Foundation will provide the following for mission team members and Haitian clinic staff:


  • Appropriate, recommended PPE for travel and volunteered time at the orthopedic clinic

  • Means / supplies to offer hand hygiene

  • Social distancing encouraged and appropriate ventilation as possible with reconfigured waiting rooms for maximum space between patients at the clinic during hours of operation

  • Patient screening for COVID 19 symptoms by the registration staff and timely triage.  Any patients with symptoms will be examined by Dr. Etienne outside of the clinic building.

  • Heightened environmental services will be observed at the clinic and the team residence as we strive to provide the cleanest and safest environment for patients, staff and volunteers

  • The MIVO Foundation will arrange the COVID 19 testing upon departure from Haiti as deemed required by the State Department

  • Prior to each mission team departure, latest CDC recommendations and State Department requirements will be reviewed by team leadership and applied as deemed necessary and possible for everyone's safety and well being 


Each and every step is supported with prayer to God for His guidance and ultimate protection.   Moving forward, MIVO will be providing details to team members via personal emails and conference calls.  Questions / concerns can be addressed via email to   Thank you.


In Christ,

Reverend Dr. Gracia Etienne and the MIVO Executive Committee

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