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2017 Medical Mission Trips

OCTOBER 2017 Trip

Jesus in Disguise


"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' "  Jesus from Matthew 25: 40


A morning devotion for the October team focused on the fact that any one of our patients or family members that the team cared for at the clinic could well be "Jesus in disguise."   This theme carried through the rest of that week as team members were heard talking later about specific cases / patients, smiling as they shared it could have been Jesus Himself.  We were often reminded that we had been instructed to treat all those we met as if we were keeping holy company.  Whatever this team did, they truly did it with God's love at the forefront of their care.   Even the most menial of tasks was carried out with a smile and with eagerness to make a difference in the life of another.    


Over the course of the 6 days of clinic, 581 patients were seen and 45 surgeries were performed.  The single operating room was well staffed between our two orthopedic surgeons, along with our anesthesiologist and certified nurse anesthetist.  With 3 college students on our team, the seasoned medical professionals enjoyed teaching as we went along.  The young adults brought laughter and refreshment to their older teammates at the end of long days.  The Centre's Haitian nurses helped round out the care team as they had worked diligently for weeks in advance, triaging more serious cases to be reviewed for potential surgical candidates upon our arrival.  Now they partnered with us, providing the much-awaited care.  Some of the surgical patients had been waiting since their initial evaluation last July.   All patients who enter the clinic are hopeful for healing and restoration after their surgeries, procedures, or joint injections.  Trauma patients arrive on motorcycles and in backs of trucks seeking care.  


Patients commented on the love and genuine integrity of the care they were given by this team.  God's love was felt in the clinic and all were treated fairly.  There was not really any room for preferential treatment or possibilities of lesser care as each team member gave their all, knowing we were treating Royalty.

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