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June Pop up Prayer Event Story

The stage was set for a glorious day on the first day of June on a patch of lawn behind Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church in York, PA. The sun was shining, a soft wind was blowing, and shade canopies were in place. Rev. Dr. Gracia Etienne and members of the executive committee for The MIVO Foundation were ready to not only welcome their guests to this prayer time for the country of Haiti, but also to usher in the power of God’s Holy Spirit as we sought His ear, and yes; God’s favor.
We, at MIVO, acknowledge that the present situation in Haiti is out of our human control. Yet, we believe that God can turn the tide and restore that nation to a peaceful, fruitful country. And so, we gathered engaging hearts, unified before our Holy Father. Prayer aligns us with the will of God, prayer empowers, and prayer changes things.
Altogether, our brothers and sisters in Christ in 10 countries, 14 states, and 35 – 40 folks in person banded together to storm the heavens for restoration of peace, justice, and safety for all those living in Haiti. During the event, our participating brothers and sisters came forward to share their hearts for the Haitian people and to offer their prayers. Prayer requests from attendees were also taken for continued intercession. Thanks to modern technology, we were blessed with a time of sharing and prayer “live from Port au Prince, Haiti” by Dr. James who is poised to take the reins at the MIVO Orthopaedic Center.
Gracia offered words of hope and wrapped up the event with a list of specific requests placed before the throne by the prayer warriors who had just come forward. He underlined that all those supplications were in the will of God and already promised by God in His Word. Truly, we will, in faithfulness, continue to pray with expectancy for positive news from Haiti in the next weeks / months. May we all continue to join hearts and minds in Christ Jesus as we intercede for Haiti and declare the will of God over the island nation. May lives be transformed as they experience an encounter with a Holy God! We give God praise for His goodness in every detail of this event and for every prayer sent heavenward being heard!
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