2015 Medical Mission Trips

July Trip

When the team arrived at the clinic a man who lives in St. Marc (an hour's drive from the clinic) was waiting.  He had been in an accident with his wife.  His wife died in the accident, leaving him with 4 children.  He sustained a fracture to his left arm.  He heard from people in St. Marc that the MIVO team was coming, and found transportation to the clinic.  Dr. Etienne found a place for him to sleep at the clinic until he could administer to the man's fracture.  MIVO's impact is felt throughout the neighboring communities, not in L'Estere alone.


The team consisted of 4 volunteers, and 3 full time staff that remain at the center. Over-the-counter medications were again taken along, as well as some other medical supplies.  The middle section was completed which now affords the clinic additional exam rooms, and area for the team to rest.  The team again saw nearly 500 patient's, one day reaching 101 patients (a record for one day).  The young man in the picture with the cyst by his right eye, was timid and self-conscious about the lump coming in; but left with a smile, so happy it was gone.  Below are pictures from the trip.

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