2015 Medical Mission Trips

January Trip

The first trip of 2015 was a resounding success.  Roughly 350 patients received treatment for various orthopedic injuries, 4 patients had surgery, and several more were registered for future care.


The team consisted of 6 volunteers, and 3 full time staff that remain at the center.  Over-the-counter medications were again taken along; such as Ibuprofen, and Acetaminophen.  In addition to the surgeries and joint injections, 2 tractor trailers previously shipped to Haiti were unloaded.  They contained supplies provided by our generous donors.  One piece of equipment taken off the trailer was the anticipated delivery of our C-arm, which is an x-ray machine.  We are now able to take our own x-rays, which is incredibly important to the treatment of our patients.  A warehouse was built next door to the clinic, that will allow us to store supplies.  While some of the volunteers cared for patients in the clinic, others helped to unload the trailers, and place the supplies in the warehouse.  Below are pictures from the trip.

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