2015 Medical Mission Trips

April Trip

The April trip of 2015 was very successful.  Roughly 420 patients received treatment for various orthopedic injuries, and approximately 10 patients had surgery, and many more were registered for future care.


The team consisted of 5 volunteers, and 3 full time staff that remain at the center.  Over-the-counter medications were again taken along; such as Ibuprofen, Aleve, Acetaminophen, and a variety of antacids.  Many high acuity cases were seen, as well as 2 victims of a motorcycle accident.  We treated one young girl with a CPM machine (a device that bends and straightens the knee), due to her wearing a cast for so long that scar tissue prevented her from bending it.  This is one of the many reasons why MIVO is needed in Haiti for orthopaedic care.  One patient was carried in by his son, because he was paralyzed.  He was given a wheelchair, which will allow him to get around more easily on his own.  MIVO has truly become a beacon of hope and light to those who choose to come, and at times may wait all day just to find hope and healing.  Below are pictures from the trip.

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