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Who We Are

Picture of Clinic in Haiti
3 Haitian Nursing Staff
Who we are nurses at clinic

The MIVO Foundation is a Christian medical mission that operates an orthopedic clinic in L'estere, Haiti.  L'estere is located between the two main principle cities of Haiti (Cap-Haitian and Port-au-Prince).


The MIVO foundation is a 100% voluntary non-profit organization from the U.S.A. who provides free orthopedic care to the Haitian people in the name of Jesus.  The clinic operates year-round with full time dedicated staff of Haitian nurses (pictured above).  


Currently, MIVO sends a team of physicians, nurses, and non-medical volunteers from the United States to the clinic four times a year. 


The MIVO Foundation serves the people of Haiti by offering  treatment options for Orthopedic problems.  Consistent with a Christian faith, we believe these problems  are  physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses.  Through Christ-centered care, we integrate these aspects of life to enhance a path to recovery, offering hope from a biblical perspective.  


To restore hope and provide healing to the people of Haiti through God's favor upon The MIVO Orthopedique Centre as the foundation:

*     Continues the development and expansion of the Centre based on patient orthopedic need.

*     Establishes a fully trained Haitian orthopedic team with ongoing staff education to promote               sustainability.

*     Facilitates monthly hosting of orthopedic teams from the US to the Centre.

*     Manages a structured fellowship program to strengthen and solidify the future of MIVO and                 quality orthopedic care in Haiti.

*    Provides an environment to praise God alongside our patients as they receive the gift of                       salvation and declare Christ as Lord over their lives.

*    Restores faith and enhances unity between US and Haiti with bilingual church services conducted        at the centre on every Sunday morning that a US mission team serves there.  

*    Assists our Haitian staff to learn English and our American team leaders to learn Creole.


"May we grow brighter and reach farther as a beacon of God’s Light in the name of Jesus Christ."    ~~~Romans 15: 13~~~

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